The Boy Test (2000) New York, NY and Vancouver, BC. 22 minute, color, 16mm film about a tomboy who witnesses the death of her father and transfers her love to a baseball player, writing him letters about her quest to become a boy and play in the major leagues. Writer, Director, Editor.

The Boy Test from Jennifer Baum on Vimeo.

Spirit Vessels (2002) Vancouver, BC. Documentary about two glass artists from British Columbia. Director, Camera, Editor.

Occupied Territories (1993) Vancouver. 37 minute, color, 16mm film about a young, Jewish woman from New York City who is enticed by two messianic lovers from a new age, international Jerusalem. Writer, Director, Co-Camera, Editor.

Little Sister Steel (1991) New York, NY and Vancouver, BC. 10 minute, color, experimental 16mm film about childhood memories of growing up in New York City. Writer, Director, Co-Camera, Editor.

Houses (1990) Vancouver, BC. 25 minute, color, 16mm film about two women who help each other overcome self-destructive habits. Co-Writer, Co-Director, Co-Camera, Co-Editor.

The Wedding Film (1989) New York, NY. 17 minute, b&w, 16mm documentary of a wedding in Soho, NY between a secular Jew and a secular Protestant who are married by a woman New York State Supreme Court Justice. Director, Co-Camera, Co-Editor.

Mothers In Labor (1987) New York, NY. 12 minute video documentary about single, teenage mothers who are trained in manual labor jobs. Writer, Director, Co-Camera, Editor.